Life Cycle – Game Pitch

Having not ever really been a huge “gamer girl” I was beginning to have a bit of a breakdown regarding ideas for a potential game that I needed to create for this subject. It soon dawned on me that being a “gamer girl” didn’t really have anything to do with anything, and this task was […]

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Camel Up – Review

It was week 3 in the DIGC classroom and my friends Tommy, Sam, Will, Tim and I sat down and did the usual questioning of what board game should we play that ensures Tim doesn’t win again? Probably no possible game exist, however, we ended up choosing a game called Camel Up. We chose this […]

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Week 13 – Reflective Summary

Split is our surrealist single screen video installation that we created through many trials and tests, which allowed us to create a outlandish project that allowed the audience to question the normality of the human face. Split is a large scale projection that is balanced b its simple yet interesting concept. The splitting of the faces allows […]

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MEDA Week 11 – Progress Report

Meda Video Face_v1 from Jonny Lynch on Vimeo. We are still experimenting with editing however, we are now playing around with proper video footage, which adds a whole new dimension to our work. This is our first completely originally piece of work that demonstrates our idea of splitting faces and personalities. After filming each member […]

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The Traditional Relationship

When watching Little Black Dress, I found myself, at the time, going into the viewing not expect much, not only because it looked like a tacky romantic comedy, but a tacky romantic comedy that wasn’t in English, and therefore I would be reading English subtitles the entire movie. This just comes from my pure laziness […]

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